Policy for Use of the Subversion Name and Logo

The following guidelines are obsolete, but preserved here merely for historical reference. Since being adopted into the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) family of projects, the Subversion® Name and Logo trademark registrations have also been transferred to the ASF. As such, the policies regarding the use of the Name and Logo are now governed by ASF policy. See http://www.apache.org/foundation/marks/ for the details of that policy.

The purpose of this policy is to protect the public, by ensuring that the identity, provenance, and open-source nature of Subversion® remain clear. Throughout this document, the "Marks" refers to the Subversion name and logo, individually or together, and the name includes both "Subversion" and "SVN". However, note that section 3 distinguishes between "Subversion" and "SVN" for certain uses.

Guidelines for Using the Marks

  1. The first or most prominent mention of the name should be immediately followed by a symbol for registered trademark: "®" or "(r)". For example: "Subversion®" (our trademark registration application for the logo is still pending).

    This requirement is waived in all contexts where such marks are not normally included: email, online discussion, non-graphical advertisements (when permitted), and academic papers. We encourage the use of the symbol whenever possible, but recognize that many non-commercial and informal uses will omit it.

  2. You may use the Subversion Marks without prior written permission for the following purposes (subject to the other sections):

    1. To refer to the Subversion software in substantially unmodified form ("substantially unmodified" means built from the source code provided by the Subversion project, possibly with minor modifications including but not limited to: the enabling or disabling of certain features by default, changes required for compatibility with a particular operating system distribution, or the inclusion of bugfix patches);

    2. To identify Subversion as a distinct component of a software offering, such as a repository hosting service;

    3. To refer to the Subversion project itself, its products, or its protocols.

  3. You may use "SVN" as part of the name of a product designed to work with Subversion, so long as the name as a whole (via its other components) clearly and unambiguously distinguishes the product from Subversion itself, and the general presentation of the product does not imply any official association or identity with Subversion. Because it would be awkward to attach a trademark symbol to a portion of a larger name whose other portions might themselves be trademarked, the requirement to display the symbol is waived for this circumstance.

  4. You may not use the Marks in the following ways:

    1. In any way likely to cause confusion as to the identity of the Subversion project, the provenance of its software, or the software's license;

    2. In any way that indicates a greater degree of association between you and the Subversion project than actually exists;

    3. In any way that implies a designated successor to Subversion (e.g., "Subversion++" would be bad).

  5. The Subversion Corporation reserves the sole right to:

    1. Determine compliance with this policy;

    2. Modify this policy in ways consistent with its mission of protecting the public;

    3. Grant exceptions to this policy, of any kind and for any reason whatsoever, other clauses notwithstanding.

If you have questions about using the Marks, or if you think you should be able to use the Marks for any purpose not allowed by this policy and would like permission for that use, please contact the Subversion Corporation by emailing trademarks{_AT_}subversion.org.